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What is CS:GO Major?

It is a tournament during which different teams worldwide compete to hold the title "best-of-the-best" and an impressive prize (this time, it is $1 000 000). This type of tournament is sponsored by Valve - a company developer of CS:GO. Also, this company decides on the tournament's location, and this time it will be Antwerp, a city in Belgium. The reason why it is there is a simple - restricted-free COVID area, so the championship can be conducted with live spectators.

Why is it important for the CS:GO scene?

There are several reasons. Firstly, all participants can introduce themselves loudly to the world and gain attention. Secondly, participation in CS Majors is already an iconic event for every team, but winning or at least getting close to the finals grants an immense amount of respect and future opportunities. 

But mainly, all teams aimed to receive in-game stickers, which anyone can buy, and some percentage of their price is going to an organization. Also, there are personal stickers for teams that got to play-offs. These stickers are a possibility for organizations to finance themselves more than the prize for winning a Major.

What is also important is that lots of people can witness new strategies, maybe learn something interesting for themselves or just enjoy spectacular games. We only know one thing - this type of competition is quintessential in terms of the emotions which it brings to spectators.

How do teams qualify?

There are several stages in qualifications: Challengers and Legends. First, the placing is made according to how many games a team won during RMR (Regional Major Ratings) tournaments, and from every region, several of them are chosen. After, all qualified teams gather together and move to the tournament's location.

Just to ease the understanding, for legends, it is easy to get to the play-offs, while for challengers, the group stage is just one more qualification. How it looks during the Major

  1. There are 16 Challengers and 8 Legends.
  2. Challengers play against each other until 8 of them are left.
  3. Then, those challengers who left join legends, and again, everybody plays against each other until 8 of them are gone.
  4. And after all of that begins the so-called Champions stage, the last eight teams will compete for the Major Champion title.

A New Era

After the finals, with smiley faces and a couple of bottles of champagne (the last one is optional), all teams and spectators receive lots of emotions and knowledge. To miss such an event equals being emotionless, so it is a must-see for every CS Major fan (and not only).

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